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How Your Social Security Survivorship Benefit Affects Your Life Insurance Needs

by Steven Lewis on Mar 21, 2018

Insurance, Lifestyle, Family

Generally speaking, conversations about life insurance revolve around whether you should buy term or permanent insurance. However, every decision to buy life insurance begins with deciding what is the right amount of life insurance. And, integral to determining the right amount of life insurance is understanding the role of your Social Security Survivorship Benefit (SSSB).

Keep Health Care Costs Down While Caring for a Child with Special Needs

by Steven Lewis on Apr 13, 2017

health care

There is no getting around it—health insurance is complex and complicated. You have to have it and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And, when your child is living with a special need it makes the whole process even more complicated. Finding in-network specialists, scheduling exams, and keeping track of copayments and deductibles can be exhausting. This struggle is all too real for the families and guardians of the 10.2 million U.S. children (14% of all American children), who have special health care needs, according to a Health Resources and Services Administration survey.

When Whole Life Insurance may be the Best Option

by Steven Lewis on Feb 22, 2017

For generations a debate has raged on over whether it’s best to buy whole life insurance or to buy term life insurance and “invest the difference”.  Proponents of each method are adamant in their positions and both offer sound reasoning in their answers.  But, for anyone to tell you which is best for you without knowing anything about you is tantamount to someone telling you which road to take without knowing where you are going.

What is Risk?

by Steven Lewis on Jan 8, 2015

Investment Risk

Risk is critical and must be respected when it comes to managing equities within a portfolio.  One cannot rely solely on what is commonly known as 'diversification' to solve the problem.  The problem with the typical approach to diversifying a portfolio with bonds, U.S. equities, emerging markets, etc., is that in many cases there is in many cases a  portion of the portfolio that is not working.  We do not operate like that.  We diversify to optimize returns.