Losses are linear, growth is geometrical
(A 30% Loss Requires a Gain of 42.86%)

As a non-discretionary investment advisor, all clients authorize all transactions

Fundamental #1

  • Track and monitor the sectors within the major indices

Fundamental #2

  • Seek market sectors that are meet and or exceed their respective index

Fundamental #3

  • Track and monitor the Industries (relative to their sectors) that meet and or exceed the overall sector performance

Fundamental #4

  • Track and monitor the stocks (relative to their Industry) that meet and or exceed the overall Industry performance

Fundamental #5

  • Once an equity is acquired (either at market or a limit order) we will purchase a Stop Price to protect the initial downside.  When/if the acquired equity meets a specific return we will cancel the Stop Price and acquire a Trailing Stop Price which is determined by a ratio calculation (these are good for six months)

Fundamental #6

  • If/when a bullish markets yields its head, we will consider utilizing leveraged ETF's to enhance one's returns

Fundamental #7

  • If/when a bear market yields its ugly head, we will allow the Stop Price /Trail Stop Price to exercise their pre-determined selling price and hold sold equities in Cash.  (i.e. the last three months of 2018 showed our Cash holdings as a Firm grow from 28%-48% respectively)