Independent retirement plan providers
can focus on you
Independent record-keepers and advisors can devote
themselves to serving your best interest and through
Schwab can offer you both proprietary and non-proprietary
products to meet a wide range of needs.
By working together, providers can offer a full suite of
services to employers and employees while focusing
on their specific expertise. It’s a collaboration with one
basic goal: helping people with retirement.

Flexibility to design the plan you need
You have access to a wide array of investments that give
you genuine flexibility and choice. Schwab’s commitment to
open architecture means that you and your retirement plan
providers can build a plan around the investments that
make the most sense for your employees.

Fiduciary support
For plans where you have certain fiduciary duties under the
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), your
independent retirement plan providers can help you make
important plan-related decisions and work on staying
compliant with applicable regulations. And if you require
trustee services, Charles Schwab Trust Bank can serve as a directed trustee for your plan.

Employee education and guidance
When your employees know they’re making progress on
their retirement savings, they can stay focused on business.
With support from your independent retirement plan
providers, you can give your employees industry insight,
educational programs, and technology tools that help them
make informed decisions about their financial futures.

A range of investment choices for
every retirement strategy

Schwab was one of the first in the industry to expand
investment choices beyond proprietary funds. Our open
architecture approach gives you access to one of the
largest selections of investment choices available, based
on the plan provisions you set, for each and every employee.

Directed trustee services from
Charles Schwab Trust Bank

Plan sponsors that elect a corporate trustee can choose
to have Charles Schwab Trust Bank serve as the directed
trustee and custodian for their plan.

Independent record-keepers
• Customized plan design and
• Local, regional, and national presence
• Participant enrollment and education
• Fiduciary oversight and compliance

So Much More....