Why both Plan Sponsors/Trustees Work With Us

  • "The transparency of the Plan for our Members was the most critical for our business.  Our Members have never been more happy." MM
  • "Our Members have a direct relationship with an Advisor." CH
  • "A cash option for my employees to protect their savings coupled with a seemingly limitless amount of Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds is unheard of." MB
  • "Our annual savings on switching Firm's was literally in the thousands." MM                                                                                          

"Understanding and evaluating plan fees and expenses associated with plan investments, investment options, and services are an important part of a fiduciary's responsibility."

Department of Labor, "Understanding Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses"


TD Ameritrade Retirement Plans and (401(k) Plans

  • The reputation and value that comes with a nationally respected brand
  • The investment flexibility of a true open architecture investment approach, which supports a collaborative investment selection for you and your advisor.  The 'open architecture' component provides the advisor the flexibility to create an investment menu that's customized for your plan and its participants.  Nor are there any proprietary fund requirements.  Most importantly, the Plan includes the Institutional Money Market Deposit Account [to protect assets during a market correction]. Imagine having this back in 2008. 
  • Resources, tools, and education for you and your participants, including reports and account management capabilities
  • Easy administration and full-service recordkeeping (Testing, government reporting, and Form 5500 filing) to streamline your responsibilities.  The advisor works with the Trustee(s) of the Plan to create a tremendous menu of investment options. 


2015 Plan Sponsor Survey

  1. Only about one-in-four plan sponsors are currently working with a Registered Investment Advisor
  2. Registered Investment Advisors provide more support in every area measured in the areas of Plan Fiduciary Support (43%), Plan Sponsor Education (40%) and in One-to-One Investment advice (50%)
  3. Plan Sponsor's top concern are fees (at 27%) and investment options (at 17%)
  4. Enhanced plan [(401(K)] designs can help Registered Investment Advisors stand out.  Current plans contain 60% mutual funds.  RIA options: 37% Managed Accounts / 27% Life cycle or target-date funds / 15% ETF's (exchange traded funds) / 12% Automated solutions / 10% company stock
  5. Plan participants want one-to-one advice in retirement planning and investing [53% Planning & Investment for Retirement / 40% Benefits of Investing / 38% Asset Allocation]
  6. Plan Sponsors who use RIA's hold themselves to a higher fiduciary standard byOffering funds in the best interests of plan participants (79%) Conducting regular and timely performance and fee reviews of investment selections (81%) / Continue to perform their fiduciary duty even after funds are selected for the plan (74%)

A copy of this 2015 survey in full is available by contacting TD Ameritrade at [RPS@tdameritrade.com