Phones. The financial market. See the correlation? Maybe not. I remember when I was young, phones pretty much operated the same for a very long time.  There were buttons, you pressed a series of them to get someone to speak to you on the other end. Does anyone remember the rotary dials? The same simplicity applied to the financial market of the past. You read the newspaper. You looked at performance and then made your decision on what investment would best suit you. It’s not that simple anymore.

Now, phones are more than phones and they change almost every month with new fan dangled operations that take tutoring to understand and use.  It is a challenge to keep up with the technology.  It is the same with the financial market.  You no longer can simply read the newspaper and decide.  Technology, speed and a host of influential outside factors now affect financial volatility and your decision.  It is hard, if not impossible, to keep up with these rapid changes.  One must be more ‘tactical’ in their approach (in our opinion) in order to invest effectively while doing away with the ‘old’ buy and hold strategies of the past. 

That’s why Lewis and Associates Capital Advisors, LLC is here.  We are here to help you navigate the frequent financial changes in the industry in order to protect and grow your financial legacy.  Once you are under our care, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest.  Legally and ethically, we are bound to this type of service to you.   So, instead of being burdened and/or confused by all the changing options the financial market has to offer you, allow us to bring you security and peace in knowing that your assets are being handled by individuals that make it their business to keep up with the fluctuations and opportunities the market has to offer.

So, pick up your ever changing phone, and give us a call to protect you in an ever changing financial market.


What Makes Us Different And What Are Our Investment Management Fundamentals?

Please Note: the below listed fundamentals are not appropriate for all investors.  One's risk profile and goals will determine how active a portfolio trading platform may be. 

  1. We Respect and Understand that CASH is and can be a valuable Asset Class.  During a Market Correction (large or small) expect to see the selling of equities that are dragging the portfolio down with the proceeds held in CASH.
  2. Buying in utilizing Limit Orders.  This approach greatly reduces the client's Speculative Risk going into the Market.  Are Limit Orders purchased on all equities?  No!.  However, if we feel the need to anticipate a Sector driven Stock to move forward (but has yet to show signs of doing so) acquiring the Stock via a Limit Order is the way we will go.
  3. Selling Out utilizing Stop/Trail Stop Orders.  These orders stipulate a selling price if/when the Market corrects.  The prices/percentages determined are based on our algorithms.  Utilizing Stop/Trail Stop Orders are CRITICAL and is the CORE of our investment philosophy.  Reducing and minimizing an account's linear losses greatly increases the account's annualized returns.  
  4. We are Sector Driven first and foremost.  Whereas the typical 'Buy and Hold' approach will always have 'losers' in the portfolio, we are determined to only have 'winners'...that is equities that are performing.  Market Sectors, and their internal movement is key as to what equities are chosen for the account.  For example:  In 2015, we had zero representation in four Sectors: Utilities, Energy, Financials, Materials and Industrials.  Where we had a heavy representation was Consumer Discretionary, Health Care, Consumer Staples and Information Technology.